Hemophilia B Treatment

Although hemophilia B cannot be cured, it can be treated and managed successfully.

The 2 main types of treatment for hemophilia B are1,2:

  • Replacement therapy (which helps increase the level of factor IX in the blood)
  • Clotting agents (which help protect blood clots and keep them in place to stop bleeding) may be used in conjunction with replacement therapy

Treating mild injuries

  • Small cuts and scrapes can be treated with typical first aid: clean the cut, apply pressure, and cover with an adhesive bandage3

Treating more severe injuries

  • More complex treatment will be required for deep cuts or internal bleeding, such as bleeding into the joints or muscles3
  • A main goal will be to increase or replace the missing factor IX in the blood so you can form a clot to stop the bleeding2

In addition, in cases of severe hemophilia, healthcare professionals sometimes recommend a regimen of regular factor replacement treatments. This is called prophylaxis, and its goal is to prevent bleeding episodes before they occur.2

Some factor products are made from human blood products. Others, called recombinant factor, are made in a laboratory and do not use human blood products. The Medical and Scientific Advisory Council of the National Hemophilia Foundation encourages the use of recombinant clotting factor products because they are safer1. All factor treatments are administered intravenously. Your healthcare provider or hemophilia treatment center will help decide on the best treatment option.


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