“My Financial Support”
Everyone should have access to therapy.
“My Education”
Understanding bleeding disorders is the key to living well.
“Our Community”
We bring together members of the bleeding disorders community.

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NOW Conference 2016 November 11 – 13, 2016 Phoenix, AZ NOW Conference

Welcome to My Source℠

At CSL Behring, we understand that people with bleeding disorders—and those who care for them—face many challenges. To help you overcome these obstacles, we’ve created My Source, a program providing a wide variety of resources to help you establish financial support, education, and community connections.
The first national golf, baseball and swimming competition designed for the bleeding disorders community
National Hemophilia Foundation

We are committed to providing treatments and supportive services that make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with bleeding disorders. As we look to the future, we see the promise of new innovations and opportunities—just as we always have. We set out on this journey with you more than a century ago, starting with the development of treatments for those with rare and serious diseases. Over the years, we have never lost sight of what matters most: you and the countless others who inspire our efforts every day.